NSW Public Libraries Association – Membership Campaign

‘The content reminded me of the importance of considering the implications of healthy membership statistics and the strategies to achieve them’.

‘Jan’s way of looking at membership campaigns. It was inspiring’

Members: engaging, retaining and growing
A workshop series for the NSW Public Libraries Association presented during April and May 2021 with 150 participants from 57 library services.

The program, which was delivered online, was designed to actively engage the NSW Public Library Network in retaining and expanding their membership base, particularly in what we then thought of as the post COVID environment.
Particular emphasis was placed on:

  • Identifying current membership
  • Determining how members engage with the library
  • Exploring the gaps in the market share
  • Pinpointing what are the current and emerging service offers
  • Establishing realistic goals
  • Developing targeted communication and marketing plans
  • Considering staff buy-in and responsibilities
  • Investigating how the PLN can work collaboratively to maximise membership growth.

This project is ongoing with active discussion boards and consideration of a state-wide membership campaign