All dressed up and somewhere to go!

I’m sure if I Googled it there would be some helpful guidelines on how to dress for success on a Zoom event. Must admit today I just followed my usual ‘I’m giving a presentation routine’. Call me shallow but the idea of only being glamorous only from the waist up and it being accidentally revealed online fills me with horror. My dear old Mum would be pleased with my attitude.

The occassion was my keynote at ALIA Schools webinar Teams: the hard conversation which is part of their ongoing PD series. It was a great honour to be invited, I always love talking to colleagues from other sectors and states. We have so much to learn from each other.

Some of my former team mates at a retirement morning tea for my lovely and long time friend Lyn Bugden (centre in grey). Lyn and I started work together as 18 year old’s, retiring within months of each other. She was the voice of ‘reason’ in my work life. Everyone needs a Lyn!

I also enjoyed the preparation which reminded me that working with any team is essentially about constant, effective two way communication. Without a doubt the thing I miss most about my new sole operator role is being surrounded by my wonderful Central West Libraries friends.

It was initially disconcerting to be looking at my shared screen rather than a sea of welcoming faces, but once I got into it seemed natural. Also great to be able to monitor the chat at the same time and respond to comments as we moved through rather than mind reading. Lots of skills to learn in this new environment.

When talking about how each member of a team makes a difference I used the example of my dragon boat club, the mighty Colour City Dragons ( my membership is current until 30/6!). I thought it was appropriate as it was exactly a year since I arrived in Tasmania with the club to participate in a marathon on the Derwent. This was followed by a weeks R&R on Bruny Island ( you try paddling 42 km!) which resulted in us upending our lives and moving. Hence the very un-library photo at the top of this post. As a note cruise ships were banned from Tassie shortly after this was taken.

Thanks ALIA Schools for the invitation to work with you, and best wishes for the year ahead.

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