Stories That Matter

Yesterday we encouraged everyone to take some time out of their day to mark the Australian Reading Hour – it doesn’t matter if your ‘hour’ is in the morning, afternoon or evening and really ‘hour’ is only a concept, make it longer or shorter it’s about making the time to turn off the world and READ. This annual event was originally launched during the National Year of Reading in 2012 which I was deeply involved with. 2012 – how long ago that seems and what strides we’ve made in promoting reading since then but what miles we have to go in the area of national literacy. More of that in a later post.

I was excited to be part of the event organised by the newly reformed ALIA group here in Tasmania (ALIA Island) to celebrate the Australian Reading Hour. Colleagues from across the state (and one from Victoria) zoomed in to talk about books that a made a difference in their lives; their favourite book; and/or what they were currently reading. It was a lively discussion. The full list of books is here if you’re interested.

I chose to talk about When we were very young, the classic book of poetry by A A Milne first published in 1924. My Mum read to me religiously ever night and I credit my parents with my love of reading – they modelled best behaviour and neither was ever without a book in close reach. Mum and I loved this particular book, and all of her life she would respond to something I had said with a line from one of the poems within. My own copy is badly foxed and really quite manky! I have recently bought the 95th birthday edition for a very special little man in our lives and know his gorgeous Mum will read to him from it.

A highlight of the night was an appearance by Rauri Murphy, who spoke about his newly published Two Sets of Books which is set in Hobart Public Library – available from good bookstores – check on line. It looks like a wonderful read and profits from the book sales will be used to purchase books and eResources for Libraries Tasmania Literacy Service and 26TEN (which is about improving literacy and numeracy here in the Island State) .

I’d love to know what is your Story that Matters?

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