I am currently engaged with colleagues from public libraries across New South Wales in talking about members, how we engage with and retain them, and how we expand our membership base. It’s a timely discussion as, in many communities, use ( and membership) has been significantly affected by COVID. This is an initiative of the NSW Public Libraries Association (NSWPLA).

Step one has involved a series of online workshops and, as I write, we are currently two thirds of the way through this. We have deliberately kept the groups small to facilitate discussion and it has been great to see such a diversity of libraries represented (and to see so many friends online). I have been joined in every session by the NSWPLA Executive Officer, Adele Casey, who must be sick to death of hearing my spiel, though I do try to throw something new in to see if she’s paying attention!

Step two will be an online discussion and resource sharing site. We already have a wonderful bank of ideas and suggestions to move forward. I am a strong believer in a collaborative approach, it has been good to be able to share experiences in a safe environment and bounce off each other for a way forward.

Today I’m having an R&R day in Hobart after back to back sessions for this project yesterday followed by and IFLA Governing Board meeting last night. I need a day where the sound of my own voice isn’t constantly in my head. Zoom is a lifesaver but ….

Heading towards Kettering aboard the ‘Parrabah’. The ‘Mirambeena’ approaching our port bow Bruny bound.

To finish the week a photo of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel coming into Kettering this morning from poll position on the ferry en route to ‘Town’ (ie Hobart). There are worse ways to start the day ❤️.

Happy weekend.

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