Little Gems

I’ve spent the last week reviewing the findings of community survey I undertook for a cultural facility in NSW. We had an excellent response and people gave us detailed, well thought out answers which included suggestions, niggles and compliments. Something we can work with.

When we know our service well we can often predict the answers we’ll get, and this was certainly the case here. This can lead to the temptation not to bother with community consultation as we ‘know what they’ll say’. However we also received some little gems which had the client and I contemplating how they could be achieved and how we could use them as a springboard for future initiatives. We also received comments asking for services and facilities already in place which should be a flag that we’re not selling these properly and an opportunity for us to do so.

We received lots of great quotes which can be incorporated into our planning and advocacy but one of my favourites was:

‘This survey is a great idea’

Its good to know that you’re on the right track!

We’re currently finalising an email to let respondents know that their contribution was appreciated and useful, and that it hasn’t disappeared into a black hole.

Those of you who have been doing the NSW Public Libraries Association’s Members engaging, retaining and growing project with me will know that I am am a fan of Angela Hursh at Super Library Marketing . In a recent video she stressed the importance of delivering the programs that your community want not what your staff want to deliver – subtle difference! Which beings us back full circle to the concept of community consultation and the gems you’ll discover when you talk to the people who use (or would potentially use) your service.

Happy days.

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